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Your Oven is Not Working Right?

An Appliance Repair Service Guide To Finding Issues

Pan heating on electric stoveThe most common problem with ovens that don’t heat is a defective element. Should you have an oven that doesn’t heat properly, this is the most likely the cause. Any experienced appliance repair service will tell you that every oven has two types of elements, one at the top, and one on the bottom. The heating element on the top is called the broil heating element. The bottom one is the bake heating element. If you have an element not working, it is easy to tell. When the elements work, you can see the red glow of the burner.

If your oven is warm but not at the right temperature, check your element. When the oven is set at pre bake, both of your heating elements should come on. You can be fooled by one element working, while the other is not. This would make the oven to appear like it’s working correctly but don’t be fooled. If you think the element is bad, you will need to get it replaced. However, should you replace it and it still doesn’t work, you could have an electrical issue.

Never mess with electricity unless you are a professional. It is wiser and safer to contact an appliance repair service to deal with this issue.

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